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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

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Plusliner Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd
38, Jalan Chow Kit
50350 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 603-4047 7878


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  2. There is an Indian guy at the office that is so stuck up and wants to challenge customers by asking us to sue the. Company. He says that the owner is a big shot that is a Datuk and he is such a big shot that nobody can touch him.
    He was on duty last Friday night when he wanted to pick a fight with me.
    I will be a witness to what he said and also several of your staff was around.
    If Plusliner is above the law then, there shall be. report made to the Police of your employee's claim. Or you better take sturn action on this fellow as I shall be checking it up and taking Plusliner. Next further action shall be a report to the immediately police to take action against this gangster worker of yours.
    You should already know by now whom this Indian employee of yours. He was dressed with s grey long sleeves shirt folded to arm not tug in, blue jeans, white shoes on 14 September in the evening.

  3. Plusliner should not take customer's printed copy and say that it's Plusliner's right to for references. A reference is for someone to take a look and check, ite should be Plusliner's responsibilities to have their own customer tracking if they sell tickets online. How can customer's copy be claimed as theirs since customer printed and paid for the paper?
    It is your Plusliner's policy to pass the cost to consumer to claim that you are paperless? If so a complaint shall be launch at various Consumer Association for action on passing cost to costumer and claiming that you have a online paperless ticketing! Further action shall be done upon monitoring your actions!

  4. Your bus was late. causing customer to pay additional for taxi service back home. How can you beef up your service? A journey from North to Kuala Lumpur took almost 8 hours. That is too crazy, isn't it?

  5. useless bus company so hard to contact via phone.i tried to call so many destinations from kl ,butterworth,kangar and others but no response.better not to advertise your company phone numbers.

  6. have called all the numbers, since yesterday, that printed on the company profile with a tag line says -"our PROFESSIONAL STAFF will attend to your charter needs RIGHT AWAY"!

    and you know what, NOBODY answering calls !

    Indeed "PROFESSIONAL!" and attend requests "RIGHT AWAY"!!!!!


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